Dating the Dam – let us set you up!

So Dam Local would like to reach to those in our community looking for love. We want to play matchmaker and get people on dates who might not ordinarily get to meet each other via their natural circle of friends or networks. We want to launch a new series called ‘Dating the Dam’, to explore and celebrate the experience of dating in a multi-cultural, vibrant, international city like Amsterdam.

Quick concept:
– local singles to email us if they want to join Dating the Dam
– we’ll find out more about you
– we’ll set you up with someone interesting but different from your usual dates
– we’ll leave you to enjoy your dates in private
– we’ll pay for you dates
– we’ll interview you before and after your date, on camera
– we’ll play nice, and you’ll play nice (we want to celebrate our differences, not make fun of anyone)
– we’ll share your experiences in our Dating the Dam series

Email us at if you want to know more, and we’ll send more information. Go on, do it!

Here’s a clip of Paris Carrr, creative producer, explaining the concept and making the first TV call-out for Dating the Dam participants.


The idea for Dating the Dam came to us when we were discussing the film Paris made last year, Finding Rika, a love story between a young Japanese hotel worker and a recently widowed Dutch bar owner. You can watch Finding Rika here:


And here’s Paris, filmmaker, talking about the making of the film and why she wanted to share this story on camera.