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Are you ready for a Good Time? | Ams Film Show | Oct 2017 #1


  • film reviews of 120 BPM and Good Time  from David Swatling
  • our highlights (low brow and high brow) from the new cinema releases hitting Amsterdam this month (up till 12 Oct)
  • special screenings: a nearly sold out voorpremiere
  • YouTube, Soundcloud & TV versions, or see text script below …





120 BPM | Director: Robin Campillo | Writers: Robin Campillo, Philippe Mangeot | Stars: Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Arnaud Valois, Adèle Haenel | (28 Sept release NL)

“The average heart rate. The protagonists of 120 battements par minute are passionate about fighting the indifference that exists towards AIDS.” IMDB

Screening @ Filmhallen, The Movies,  EYE filmmuseum, Cinecenter, Rialto


“Here’s the Amsterdam Film Show’s highlights from the film releases in the Netherlands, this month.”


Blade Runner 2049 | SCI-FI DRAMA| Dir: Denis Villeneuve | Stars: Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford

  • Set 30 years after the original, cult film … bladerunners are still around doing the same old thing. One of them, ‘K’, discovers a secret and feels the need to track down Deckard from the first film for answers.
  • Local star Sylvia Hoeks (she was in the Dutch films, Tirza and De Storm) plays a baddie named Luv, with a very high kick.
  • Promises plenty of action and stunning cinematography but also revisits that central question: what it is to be human?
  • @cathycentral: “Can masses of 5-star reviews be wrong? Sometimes, yes. But I’m inclined to believe the hype for this one.

Screening @ FC Hyena, Filmhallen, Kriterion, Pathé chain, The Movies, EYE (but IMAX screen at Pathé Arena recommended)

also from 5 Oct:

Loveless | RUSSIAN DRAMA | Dir. Andrey Zvyagintsev

From the maker of Leviathan, “A divorcing couple have to co-operate when their son goes missing.”

Screening @ EYE filmmuseum, Rialto (but with NL subs)

CL “Sounds like a mundane domestic drama but expect much more … also a  judgment on modern Soviet society, and very well shot.”


Good Time | DRAMA | Directors: Benny Safdie, Josh Safdie| Writers: Ronald Bronstein, Josh Safdie | Stars: Robert Pattinson, Benny Safdie, Jennifer Jason Leigh

“Set all in one night in grimiest NYC; after a bank robbery goes wrong, career criminal Connie needs to free his vunerable brother from prsion hospital before it’s too late.”

Screening @ Filmhallen, The Movies, Kriterion, Pathé Tuschinski, Pathé City

+  David Swatling tells AFS what he though of it (see video/audio)

also from 12 Oct

Borg/McEnroe | DRAMA | Director: Janus Metz | Writer: Ronnie Sandahl| Stars: Shia LaBeouf, Stellan Skarsgård,

Explores the intense rivalry and differences between the two 80s tennis stars, Björn Borg and John McEnroe.

Screening @ The Movies, Pathé Tuschinski, Pathé City, Filmhallen, Cinecenter

@cathycentral says “So it’s a bit like the 2014 film Rush, about the two rival racing drivers. But without Chris Hemsworth ☹️”.


“Film festivals and our picks of the special screenings this month”

LAB 111 Loves Cinema | (weekender)

13 oktober| 21:30 | Your Name Japanese animation. Voorpremière. NEARLY SOLD OUT



We plan to produce the AFS in audio format as well from now on, as well the YouTube and local TV (Salto) versions. Eventually we’ll also share it on local radio too.  We are also seeing how it feels in a monthly format. Let us know what you think, and if you want to contribute, please also get in touch.