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A hammam with history

A hammam with history! Our SO DAM LOCAL filmmakers captured the old-time vibe of the Hammam Amsterdam beautifully and the owner tells us their story. #gezelligheid

Filmmakers: Aimilia Mouzaki & Bondo,

Raincapes yes/no?

We Amsterdammers cycle a lot. But it also rains a lot. A normal raincoat doesn’t really do the trick. Don’t you hate those wet patches on your thighs? And waterproof trousers are such a hassle to pull on and off. Perhaps a rain cape is the answer.

We tested three raincapes out for our viewers. And here’s what we found …




$249 |






We tried out the Electric Gingham raincape, but there are lots of different designs. Plus points:

  • loads actually!
  • quick drying
  • easy thumb loops and magnetic arm holes
  • can tailor to your head size with the fitted hood
  • reflective grid
  • high quality finish.

Cleverhood is offering 15% off for Broadcast Amsterdam viewers. Ask for details. 


€42 |





The sensible choice. Good for:

  • sustainable materials
  • big front pocket
  • fitted hood
  • value for money
  • also available in the Netherlands from the Bever chain.


€2,50 |

hema raincape





For when:

  • you are broke
  • you need a quick high street fix
  • you really don’t care how you look.


Praxis, Ikea, AGU.


Dutch bike company, VanMoof, have been promising their all-singing all-dancing rain cape, Boncho, for ages and it is now shipping. It’s what they call the “love-child of a pop-up tent and a rain poncho”. NB  For a good comparison of the Boncho and Cleverhood see here: (now that’s the way to do a raincape test, btw!)

But tell us what you think? Raincapes YES/NO?

‘Happy Families’

Here’s a playlist of videos we’ve made for Amsterdammers with young children.

It’s called ‘Happy Families’. I think you know why.

So follow us and subscribe on YouTube because there’s more to come …

#happyfamilies #amsterdam

Cata.Pirata interview


Jens Rabiega interviews Cata.Pirata of Amsterdam-based band, Skip&Die (

This feature was also broadcast on Amsterdam’s Salto 2 TV channel during Spring 2017 as part of SO DAM LOCAL tv show’s Spring episode, produced by Broadcast Amsterdam

© Broadcast Amsterdam 2017

The kitchen table interviews | SDL S05E06

This autumn we invited two Amsterdam-based creators over to Cathy’s house to talk about their recent work …

Jesus de Vega, choreographer (

On his piece, Stigma: “I felt that there was a change in the climate … more homophobic voices … I felt that, as  a maker, I wanted to somehow make a stand for the LGBTQ community .”


Emilio Brizzi, photographer (

“We are given this beautiful memory … so we can recall the time before we were here … And so maybe … it’s good thing to record a time when we are here , so that your children will eventually look back on these years and find some tangible proof of what it was.”


Teaser SO DAM LOCAL 10 November

A preview of this week’s SO DAM LOCAL tv show.

SO DAM LOCAL premieres on Thursdays at 21:00 each week on Amsterdam’s Salto 2 TV channel (find it on Ziggo Horizon 38 or stream online at and remember to select the Salto 2 livestream). Repeats throughout the week on Salto 2.

But if you miss it, there’ll be highlights on our YouTube channel.

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