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Amsterdam news | week 38, 2017

A local news roundup for Amsterdam, shared in English.




week 38 | shared 21  Sept 2017 

The city of Amsterdam has seen an outpouring of gratitude and sadness as the Amsterdam mayor Eberhard van der Laan finally steps down due to his illness | From messages on the municipality’s website, to an organised applause outside his house; Amsterdammers let their feelings about their popular mayor known.  Van der Laan announced the news in a letter to all Amsterdammers and urged people: “Take care of our city and of each other.” The deputy mayor Kasja Ollongren will step into his role for now.

Eighteen childrens’ farms in Amsterdam have agreed new principles for the welfare of their animals | The city in turn, has made an extra €530,000 available to them, to be spent on housing, education and security.

As a judge upholds Geerte Piening’s fine for urinating in public, the feminist outcry continues | ‘Caught short’ one night in Leidseplein, after all the bars had closed Geerte said she had no option; in Amsterdam there are 35 public restrooms for men and just a few for women. The judge maintains that she could have used a men’s urinal. On Facebook nearly 8,000 people have shown an interest in protesting this idea, and Geerte is hatching her own plan to fix the situation. Expect a demonstration …

Not one but two Amsterdam office buildings have won international architecture awards | In Noord, the HQ of buggy company, Joolz, renovated an old industrial hall and in the Houthavens, the European HQ of Calvin Klein & Tommy Hilfiger sits at the end of a pier.

The local green party, Groenlinks, have shared their draft election program, which includes some big asks | They want to ban cars from the city centre, including Mauritskade, Stadhouderskade, and Nassaukade. GroenLinks also says cars users should lose privileges, such as cheap parking and immense space. 10,000  parking spaces should be converted into bicycle parking spaces, they say. [Hang on, did they say “cheap parking”?] According to Het Parool, other eye-catching policies announced by the party include decolonising school books, banning Zwarte Piet from the city, allowing the city to buy the debt of those in financial need, and banning consumer fireworks.

Hotspots for bike jams have been documented by Het Parool | With up to 60 metres trailback on the bike paths up to Museumbrug where Centrum meets Zuid, 48 metres at De Clercqstraat and Bilderdijkstraat in West, and 20 metres at Czaar Peterstraat and Sarphatistraat in Oost, bike jams are a real headache at rush hour, the paper shows. One expert says simply making the cycle path wider will not solve the problem. So what will?

The new look Rokin is now open | After two years of construction work, the new boulevard was unveiled. More walking space has been added, new trees have been planted, and there are plenty of terraces for those sunny autumn days.

Research has shown that a bike bridge between Zeeburgereiland and Sporenburg would not result in many more motorists or tram 26 passengers changing to bike travel.  Het Parool reports that as most travelers head to the eastern and southern sides of the city, a new bridge towards Centraal Station would not make much difference. The €140m price tag was also felt to be too high and there would be an undesirable effect on the quiet area of Sporenburg (which faces KNSM-eiland). The municipality has said that further research is necessary and there may be other options to explore, such as a cycling tunnel to Sporenburg.

A top Amsterdam hotelier speaks out to defend the industry | Remco Groenhuijzen, the director of the luxury hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand, has said to Het Parool that he is “disturbed” by the one-sided image locals have of the hotel industry. “It is in the interests of every hotelier that the city is alive” he says. He also believes that the sudden growth in the number of hotels may have affected the perceptions of Amsterdammers on the issue.

Speaking of which …

A new Asian-themed hotel on the Geldersekade gets the green light | A new hotel can only be built in the city centre if it has a unique new concept and local residents objected to Kin-Ping Dun’s plans. However, a recent ruling has found that the property owner’s dream for a asian-hotel, and studio for asian artists, meets this requirement.

Heads up | Some things in Amsterdam are destined to get sold out, so here’s a heads up for tickets you might not want to leave to the last minute.

  • Evanescence, the US rock band will play a live concert with orchestra on Sunday 25 March 2018, as part of their  Synthesis tour. It’s at the AFAS (formerly known as the Heineken Music Hall and tickets go on sale on Friday 22 September. 
  • Alt-rock band, Imagine Dragons, will play the Ziggodome on 19 February 208. Tickets also go on sale on Friday 22 September. 
  • And finally the annual Britsoc Bonfire Night will take place on Sunday 5 November from 16:00-20:00 at the Watersportscentrum Sloterplas. There will be food, BBQ, mulled wine and a Guy Competition, for what is also Guy Fawkes Day.

🌤 And here’s our latest weather outlook for Amsterdam courtesy of BBC weather and

Sunny intervals forecast for the weekend, and hardly a drop of rain. Expect a sunny day on Sunday when the temperatures may reach as high as 20 degrees.

For more on these stories and sources, see the links on our Pinterest News board below.



Amsterdam Film Show | Sept 2017


  • Our highlights (low brow and high brow) from the new cinema releases hitting Amsterdam this month
  • mini reviews of It and Girls Night from Amsterdammers
  • special screenings: including the Cine Expat series, a chilly but free  outdoor film festival and hanging out with the Dutch film industry over in Utrecht
  • a quick PAC chat with Thom Hoben, programmer at Pathé Tuschinski about the all day PAC festival on 24 Sept
  • YouTube, Soundcloud & TV versions, or see text script below …



We plan to produce the AFS in audio format as well from now on, as well the YouTube and local TV (Salto) versions. Eventually we’ll also share it on local radio too.  We are also seeing how it feels in a monthly format. Let us know what you think, and if you want to contribute, please also get in touch.



“Here’s the Amsterdam Film Show’s highlights from the film releases in the Netherlands, this month.”



Based on the famous Stephen King book. After a spate of missing children in their small town, a group of kids take on a sinister clown with a dark history.

@ Filmhallen & various Pathe screens

@cathycentral: “It’s had top reviews, but it’s really only for those who can handle the scares. So not me.”

But, Amsterdam crime writer, David Swatling can and he’s seen it already. He says:

“Indulged in IT doubleheader. Saw first screening of the film this afternoon and watched the 90s miniseries all in one go on Dutch TV the same night. Fascinating to compare in such close proximity. Movies don’t scare me as they once did, but I recommend the new incarnation … Whereas I found the 90s miniseries unexpectedly dated, most risky choices in the new film work surprisingly well. It was kinda Stand By Me meets The Walking Dead. The young cast is fantastic and drive the story in every way, from humor to creep factor.

But for a whole lot of fun, you might like ….


Dir. Malcolm D. Lee | Stars: Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith +

Four friends reunite for a trip to a New Orleans festival and some much needed girl time.

@cathycentral: “With that plotline, the film can almost write itself …”

Screening @ Pathe chain

There’s a 89% rating on RT, but what about the local critics? We asked Amsterdam Mamas Book & Filmclub what they thought …

Elvira Helena Brock Mendoza says: “I don’t know if enjoyed the movie more or the people around me laughing so hard and screaming ” Go girl” Or ” Hell yeah!” Really cool and funny movie! Totally recommend it for a good laugh and feel good feeling.”

also from 7 Sept: The Beguiled | SOUTHERN GOTHIC THRILLER | Dir. Sofia Coppola | Stars: Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst +



Dir.  Aisling Walsh | Stars: Ethan Hawke, Sally Hawkins

Set in Nova Scotia, a young woman with arthritis takes a job as a housekeeper for a  reclusive farmer. She finds love, but also, fame as folk painter. Based on a true story.

@cathycentral: “If nothing else, it’s an affordable way to see more of Novia Scotia.”

Screening @ Filmhallen @ Cinecenter – at least

Wind River | Dir. Taylor Sheridan | CRIME THRILLER | stars: Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner +

Following the murder of a local girl on a remote Native American Reservation, a rookie FBI agent investigates with help from a local game tracker with a haunted past.

@cathycentral: “Writer-Director, Taylor Sheridan, also wrote Hell or High Water and Sicario and those were both excellent films. So count me in.”

Screening @ Pathe chain @ Filmhallen – at least

also from 14 Sept:  Mother! | DRAMA HORROR| Dir. Darren Aronofsky | Jennifer Lawrence +  

@cathycentral: “Big name production but the ! seems a bit desperate to me. But others will love this trip donw an insanity rabbit hole.”


Kingsman: The Golden Circle | ACTION COMEDY

  • Dir. Matthew Vaughn | Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Halle Berry, Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, Sir Elton John, Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges (the A-list goes on and on …)

Eggsy is back and .. when the Kingsman headquarters are destroyed and the world … (do you really need to know the plot?) This one’s also got US spies in it.

Screening @ Pathe chain – at least

But if that’s a bit too silly, there’s …

Victoria & Abdul | Dir. Stephen Frears | stars Judi Dench, Ali Fazal +

Queen Victoria forms an unlikely friendship with an exotic male. Again.

Screening @ Filmhallen @ Pathe chain – at least

@cathycentral: “Did you spot Eddie Izzard in the trailer?”



Dir. Kathryn Bigelow | stars John Boyega, Will Poulter +

It’s 1967, Detroit is under curfew and the Michigan National Guard is patrolling the streets. A true story of racist violence and murder.

@cathycentral: “Disturbing and timely.”

Screening @ Filmhallen @ Pathe chain – at least

“Film festivals and our picks of the special screenings this month”


@ Sloterplas, Sloterstrand so beach near De Duikelaar watersports

  • outdoor, take a jumper + blanket?
  • 13:00 screenings on Sat & Sun, otherwise pm.
  • No website or accessible listings, but prog flyer is on their FB
  • No special theme, some mainstream + a few curated films.
  • Sat 23 Sept 13:00 – La La land.



Thurs 28 Sept 21:00 | The Nile Hilton Incident + EN subs

CRIME THRILLER | In a room of The Nile Hilton in Cairo, the body of a female singer is found … it’s loosely based on the murder on Suzanne Tamim in 2008. (An Egyptian businessman and politician turned out to be responsible for the crime that shocked Egypt.) Winner of the Juryprize @ Sundance.

Drinks with host Katie Crook before the film

20-28 Sept  | Nederlands Film Festival

  • Mainly for the Dutch film industry but special programme for internationals, and with EN subtitles, eg In Blue, Tulipani and more.
  • Utrecht – seriously it’s not that far and they have a nice new train station.

Sun 24 Sept  | PAC Festival

Pathé Tuschinski (Zaal 1), from 10:30 tot 23:15

Five special premieres one after each other (with breaks). High quality films, think Oscar noms potential …

What’s on? Amsterdam

“Here are some ideas, now over to you. Enjoy. x”
  • video reel
  • audio version
  • text listings
  • links via Pinterest


until 29 October

Zelfpluk apples & pears @ Olmenhurst, Lisserbroek | The Olmenhorst apple and pear orchards are now open to the general public for the Zelfpluk season until the 29 October. You can ‘self-pluck’ on Wednesdays and Friday afternoons + Saturday and Sunday all day, with longer hours in autumn autumn school holiday. Entrance is free, but there are parking costs and you pay per kilo for any fruit picked.

from October 6

Afterlives of Slavery exhibition @ Tropenmuseum | And exhibition focusing on the aftermath of slavery on Dutch society today.

Sunday 8 Oct

Markt van 1001 Smaken | @ Foodcenter Amsterdam

An Annual celebration from local food suppliers. FREE entry, and you might even get some tasters.

Sunday 8 Oct  

I am Not a Tourist expat fair @ Beurs van Berlage

Aimed at helping internationals living and working in Amsterdam, Broadcast Amsterdam will be there too so come and say hi.

8, 15 & 29 Oct

Puremarkt @ Amstelpark, Amsterdamse Bos,  then Park Frankendael

Take your pick of the food stalls at this roving Sunday market. (Our fave is the American Baking Company.)

10 Oct | 20:00

Dam Improv Jam @ Checkpoint Charlie FREE

A cosy improv night where the audience plays a very big role.

Fri 13 Oct

Butcher’s Heaven Burger Night @ Foodcenter Amsterdam

In this 1st edition, 30 restaurants will serve sliders for a fixed price + drinks + music. The line up includes: The Roast Room, Ron Gastrobar, Julius Jaspers, Smokey Goodness, The Bosch, and more. Free entry but you should register for tickets. also, it’s part of …

13-15 Oct

Butcher’s Heaven Festival @ Foodcenter Amsterdam

The weekend continues with meat tastings, masterclasses, bbqs and more.

14-15 Oct

IJ-Hallen @ NDSM wharf (near it, anyway)

As everybody knows, it’s Europe’s biggest fleamarket. An entrance fee is charged.

Sunday 15 Oct

TCS Amsterdam Marathon @ pretty much all over town

Come out and cheer on the runners! Or avoid the route if you want to get somewhere fast.

17 -22 Oct @ EYE Filmmuseum

KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival

In its 10th edition, there’s animated short films from over 80 countries, feature films, talks by legendary animators (including Daron Nefcy) and fun parties. #NeverGrowUp

18-22 Oct

ADE @ various locations

Amsterdam Dance Event will pretty much take over the city. But will Zac Ephron join the party again this year?

Sat 21 Oct | 10:00 onwards

Origin Chocolate Event @ Royal Tropical Institute

As well as tastings from patissiers and chocolatiers, there will be discussions on fair trade and sustainable chocolate, and a chocolate market where you can meet chocolate makers from all over the world.

Sat 21 Oct | 13:00

Amsterdam danst ergens voor (“Amsterdam dances for something”) FREE

We Come One says “dance with the independent collectives to support the free party and spaces and protest against the commercialisation of Amsterdam in general and electronic music in particular. Best open-air party in the city.”

Sat 28 Oct

London Calling open day @ Paradiso

From 13:00-18:00 get a taster of this popular music event. It’s free but tickets are required.

27-29 Oct

PINT Bokbierfestival @ Beurs van Berlage

The biggest beer festival in the country, with over 100 beers. No need to go to Munich then.


28 Oct

Toyland Halloween party @ Tolhuistuin

Amsterdam Spook brings you the best Halloween party in town.


New radio station – your input needed


Broadcast Amsterdam is launching an internet radio station this autumn!

HELP! If you have a minute, please help us plan the best radio station ever by completing this ultra short survey.

We plan to bring you …

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  • opportunities to pitch for a radio show/spot

Sign up to our email list to stay updated and hear about opportunities to get involved or share events.

Meanwhile, here’s a playlist of artists with local gigs coming up …



A hammam with history

A hammam with history! Our SO DAM LOCAL filmmakers captured the old-time vibe of the Hammam Amsterdam beautifully and the owner tells us their story. #gezelligheid

Filmmakers: Aimilia Mouzaki & Bondo,

Raincapes yes/no?

We Amsterdammers cycle a lot. But it also rains a lot. A normal raincoat doesn’t really do the trick. Don’t you hate those wet patches on your thighs? And waterproof trousers are such a hassle to pull on and off. Perhaps a rain cape is the answer.

We tested three raincapes out for our viewers. And here’s what we found …




$249 |






We tried out the Electric Gingham raincape, but there are lots of different designs. Plus points:

  • loads actually!
  • quick drying
  • easy thumb loops and magnetic arm holes
  • can tailor to your head size with the fitted hood
  • reflective grid
  • high quality finish.

Cleverhood is offering 15% off for Broadcast Amsterdam viewers. Ask for details. 


€42 |





The sensible choice. Good for:

  • sustainable materials
  • big front pocket
  • fitted hood
  • value for money
  • also available in the Netherlands from the Bever chain.


€2,50 |

hema raincape





For when:

  • you are broke
  • you need a quick high street fix
  • you really don’t care how you look.


Praxis, Ikea, AGU.


Dutch bike company, VanMoof, have been promising their all-singing all-dancing rain cape, Boncho, for ages and it is now shipping. It’s what they call the “love-child of a pop-up tent and a rain poncho”. NB  For a good comparison of the Boncho and Cleverhood see here: (now that’s the way to do a raincape test, btw!)

But tell us what you think? Raincapes YES/NO?