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Episode 1 in the can!

Not long now and we just finished recording the first episode. It features comedian John Robertson discussing freedom of speech with Greg. There will also be news from Greece after the elections, we get the low down of how Greece is reacting from our local correspondent. Plus the monologue and Greg!! Tuesday 3rd February on Salto 1 and youtube thereafter. #GSUSE

GSUSE is coming back!

Not long to go, we are polishing the desk and have revamped everything including Greg’s ties. In the meantime, here is Greg to give you the lowdown on Season 3. We start again on Salto on Tuesday 3rd February and our first guest will be UK comedian, John Robertson. Subscribe to us on to stay up to date with the latest videos. #GSUSE

It’s the New Year – so here are some bits from last year

A very Happy New Year to you all, and may 2015 bring you joy! To help with that, whilst Greg is busy ironing his ties for the new season in February, we have collected his monologues all in one place. So sit down and enjoy some bitesize United States of Europe.

Amsterdam Light Festival

It’s getting dark early, the temperature has dropped – it’s the perfect time of the year to experience the magical Amsterdam Light Festival. We took a quick tour to bring some highlights.

For all the info about the festival, go to

and so the end is near……


It was the last show of the season and we went out on a high. By crashing into the debate about the changing Zwarte Piet. Greg was joined by Lauren Comiteau, Cole Verhoeven and Jonathan Groubert and discussed the how Zwarte Piet is changing his face and what this means for Dutch culture. Is this for the better? Does it matter? Catch the show here and see what they had to say. There was a lot to talk about, too much to fit into the show. So catch the second part of the discussion here. Who wants the ugly mirror held up to their face?

It’s Zwarte Piet Unchained

Tuesday 25th November, it’s the last show of the season!! It’s a big one, Greg and his guests – Lauren Comiteau, Cole Verhoeven and Jonathan Groubert discuss how Zwarte Piet is changing, for the better? Find out tonight on Salto 1 at 21.30

Get yourself Konnektid!!

Interested in learning a new skill, have an urge to play the ukele or learn SEO? well maybe Konnektid can help, we went to talk to Michel Visser, founder of the new Amsterdam based skills exchange website to see what it was all about and Nicola learnt to play the piano!! Many thanks to Bektash for being so patient. Check out the film and see what is happening in your neighbourhood.

Take a tour of the Almatuin

It’s not often you discover a hidden gem in Amsterdam but The Almatuin in Amsterdam’s Zuidas is certainly one of those. A community garden surrounded by the office buildings of the Zuidas, it is a green oasis in a busy part of the city. Aveen Colgan gave us the background to the garden, why it is so important to the workers and residents of the area and how it is being threatened with paved over. Watch the film and learn how you too could participate.

Stofwissel Tour

Last night we showed a film about the upcoming cycle tour in aid of metabolic disease research. You can watch the film here, and if you would like to donate or want more information please visit their site.

Amsterdam through a glass

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 15.54.02Watch the film here.

So we set ourselves the task of discovering and rating the micro breweries of Amsterdam. Tough, huh?! Well obviously we couldn’t visit everyone so we chose four, from one of the newest to probably the founding father of the craft brewing scene in Amsterdam. We started in the west, at Oedipus. They only just finished their crowdfunding campaign to set up their brew pub, so it wasn’t open to the public however you can find their beers all around Amsterdam in various bars and delicatessens, just look for the beautiful labels. I think it is safe to say that the tasting panel found their beers to be the most interesting to drink, layered as they are with various different aromatics and hops. Of all the beers we drank these were the driest and fairly bitter but with complex flavours. The standout for me was the ThaiThai Triple, a sweetish but spicy beer.

Next up, De Bekeerde Suster. This is located just off the nieuwemarkt, and was a bit of a revelation for me. In an area dominated by tourists looking for coffeeshops and the temptations of the red light district, here is a beautiful old bar, serving beer brewed on the premises. The affable Wesley took us through their selection of beers including the seasonal special spring beer. It was a mixed reaction from us but whilst not getting the complexity of flavours that we had at Oedipus they were nevertheless good beers and the surroundings were definitely worth the trip.

Now, if you have spent anytime in Amsterdam I’m sure you would have heard of the next place we visited, Brouwerij ‘tIj. A landmark on the Amsterdam skyline, the windmill sits above an atmospheric pub. Lining the walls are hundreds of bottles of beer and sitting at the tables a lively crowd of young and old. Watch the film for an explanation of how the brewery was founded and the inspiration behind their labels. As for the beers, you could tell these guys know what they are doing and how to brew a great belgium style beer. Classic for me is the Zatte, their original brew and complex flavours without being overly bitter or sweet.

By this point things were getting a little loose! 3 pubs in, 3 beers in each, you’ll understand why! But we made it to Troost the newest location in Amsterdam. Open only 3 months, the setting is radically different from the others. Whilst it won’t hurt anyone to say that the other three are run by men with a passion and probably beards, Troost is much sleeker. They have their brewery onsite as well though, manned by a passionate guy in overalls just as in the other pubs, but here the restaurant was very much a restaurant and not just an add on. They are very proud of their burgers and have breweed their beers to accompany these, although they are also developing various other varieties such as saison, bok and triple. We weren’t that overwhelmed it has to be said by the location or the beer but we didn’t try the burgers so it might be worth giving them another chance.

What do you think? Did we make the right choice? Watch the film and let us know your favourite microbreweries in Amsterdam, we will definitely be doing this tour again!

Here are the links:

Oedipus Brewery

De Bekeerde Suster

Brouwerij ‘t Ij




Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 14.11.47

On tonight’s show:


  • Nicola checks out 4 micro breweries in Amsterdam
  • We help to raise awareness of a much misunderstood disease
  • The film this week is ‘The Rover’ starring Guy Pearce
  • and we will give you a taster of what is going on in Amsterdam over the summer


Tune in tonight at 6 o’clock on Salto 1, UPC channel 32

Walking with your ears!

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 13.44.56Watch our film about Sound Track City, an organisation in Amsterdam who are trying to give you a different perspective on Amsterdam. Justin Bennett, who co-created the soundwalk “Secret of the Amsterdam Canals” gave us an insight into the process behind making it and how sound can change they way you percieve the world around you. Unfortunately, the special walk on the 21st of April is booked out but they have added an extra walks on April 27th and May 11th, see their site for more details –


A look round a hidden neighbourhood

Many thanks to Nicola Chadwick for taking us on a tour of her neighbourhood, Amsterdam Noord. A newly revitalised part of Amsterdam with a rich history and a bright future, it is quickly becoming a creative hub. We featured a couple of the interesting places in the film but there were many more that we couldn’t fit in, take the new ferry to ‘De Overkant’ and discover them yourself!

So Dam Local goes live tonight

Amsterdam kitchen

On tonight’s first official So Dam Local …

  • Nic is inspired by a local lebanese chef for our Amsterdam Kitchen spot
  • local novelist Claudio Tapia talks with us live about Amsterdam as a writers’ hub and we’ll show some of his Lit-Cinema project
  • we’ll chat about The Grand Budapest Hotel – out in NL this week. Wes Anderson fans should wet their pants.
  • a report from the new Amsterdam Arrival event organised by the gemeente; internationals getting a warm welcome from the deputy mayor.
  • if you’re lucky, you might get a what’s on chaser …

Watch us live at 18:00-19:00 on Salto 1 (UPC channel 32) or online stream at (may need a plugin).