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A hammam with history

A hammam with history! Our SO DAM LOCAL filmmakers captured the old-time vibe of the Hammam Amsterdam beautifully and the owner tells us their story. #gezelligheid

Filmmakers: Aimilia Mouzaki & Bondo,


‘Happy Families’

Here’s a playlist of videos we’ve made for Amsterdammers with young children.

It’s called ‘Happy Families’. I think you know why.

So follow us and subscribe on YouTube because there’s more to come …

#happyfamilies #amsterdam

🎁 On the 12th day of Christmas ▶︎ A Staatsliedenbuurt story

On the 12th day of Christmas, Broadcast Amsterdam gives to you … a streetfood story in Staatsliedenbuurt ▶︎

Our community of filmmakers visit one of the new Amsterdam streetfood kiosks in the Staatsliedenbuurt and meet Steff Veldkamp who was raised in the area and now runs Vleesch Noch Visch.

David Djindjikhachvili & Aimilia Mouzaki

This feature was first broadcast on Amsterdam’s Salto 2 TV channel before our SO DAM LOCAL tv show and is now released online as part of our 12 Days of Christmas celebration.

© Broadcast Amsterdam 2016

Ex Pats Cinema | Amsterdam Film Show

You can watch foreign films with English subtitles in Amsterdam, thanks to the Ex Pats Cinema initiative at Lab 111.  Here’s a chat with the organiser, Katie Crook and a look ahead to the rest of season 3.

Filmmaker: Cathy Leung
Music: ‘Prong’ (re-mastered) by We Are OK


The Amsterdam Film Show makes short filmed reports all about the Amsterdam cinema scene to share online.


Amsterdam’s city beaches – a round up

SO DAM LOCAL’s round up of Amsterdam’s city beaches for summer 2015 – all five of them (the pop-up Playground CS has now closed).

Filmmaker: Cathy Leung
Music: Rise (We Are OK Rise Against Mix) – First Family Riot

© Broadcast Amsterdam 2015