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Doing open mic stand-up in Amsterdam

We went to visit the local stand up open mic night run by Comedy Vibes and talked to some of the comedians about the concept, the experience of doing open mic stand up and the local English language comedy scene in Amsterdam.

Teaser for tonight’s show

Tonight is our last show of Season 2. We’ll be back on air in 2015 x

NB the International Crap Artist has been true to his name and cancelled at the last minute. We might have to make Sander do his stand-up routine instead.

Dinnertime for Amsterdam’s homeless

So Dam Local took part in ‘Koken in een andere keuken’ run by Amsterdam Verbindt at the Stoelen Project, a homeless shelter off the Marnixstraat in Amsterdam. The team cooked dinner for 45-50 homeless people and organiser, Hennie Heijmans, popped by to explain more about the scheme and how it connects those who are well off with those in need. This feature was first broadcast on Amsterdam’s Salto 1 TV channel on 18.11.14 on So Dam Local TV show, produced by Stichting Broadcast Amsterdam. Director & Editor: Cathy Leung


In production …

Here’s some film features we’re currently working on for the last few weeks of Season 2:

  • the team cook dinner for the homeless at the Stoelen Project piece at a local shelter
  • the Meet my Book events at the American Book Centre
  • in the kitchen with Carol Tarr from Atomic Spices
  • behind the scenes w/ local food producers at Amsterdam’s Food Center
  • and more …


Stoelen Project

Meet my book ABC

Atomic spices








This week’s So Dam Local


We bring you three short films instead of a live show this week, with our presenters Sander Oudkerk and Cathy Leung introducing each piece canalside instead of from the Pakhuis de Zwijger studio. What films you ask? These films: – A tour of the new Foodhallen from Dutchified – Vintage Hunting at the Ijhallen by Lisa Frey – the 2nd edition of the Amsterdam Writers Platform, this episode an interview with best-selling author, Marie Philips

Watch at 20:30 on Salto 1 SALTO (channel 32 on UPC) or streamed online at:

On tonight’s show…

We’ll have one of the organisers of this week’s World Food Day, a film about Amsterdam character the Happy Bookieman and Amsterdam Marathon runner Hans van der Lans will join us in the studio ahead to talk training, fundraising and more …

Watch at 20:30 on Salto 1 SALTO (channel 32 on UPC) or streamed online at:

Morning Gloryville reminder

Don’t forget, this Wednesday 30 July Morning Gloryville are back with another early morning energiser. The Amsterdam team joined us on So Dam Local last month to chat about their launch event, watch the interview here to get in the mood … and ideas for what to wear 🙂 

06:30–10:30, Jan van Galenstraat 24


Watch our Eating Amsterdam Tours interview

Whilst you’re waiting for Season 2 of So Dam Local we’ll share with you an interview from the last episode of Season 1. Here’s Vicky Hampton (aka @AmsterdamFoodie) from Eating Amsterdam Tours chatting to So Dam Local host, Cathy Leung, about their new tasting tours of Amsterdam (

NB There’s still time left to enter’s competition to win two free tickets to an Eating Amsterdam food tour – send your Dutch foodie pics to by Wednesday 23 July for your chance to win.

It’s a Wrap!

cakeWe invite you to join us after work tonight from 18:00 for some drinks and a catch up with So Dam Local and the rest of the Broadcast Amsterdam team. We’re celebrating the end of our first season and also taking ideas for Season 2 which we’re planning for September.  Here’s where & when for the wrap party:
Thursday 3 July, 18:00-late
at Basis Amsterdam, Tolstraat 182, 1074 VM Amsterdam
Nate and his What’s Up Amsterdam crew, Fay And Sam Heady from Future Vision Amsterdam, Greg Shapiro, the So Dam Local team (minus Nicola :-() and some of our filmmakers and past guests will be joining us. Feel free to bring along any one interested in what we’re doing, or actually anyone who would like to enjoy a cold beer in the sun …
And if you feel like it you can also sign up for the event on Facebook at:
Tot later … !
The So Dam Local team x

Teaser for So Dam Local, 17.06.14

Join So Dam Local at 18:00 tonight for:

  • Local Goods Weekend Market, a film feature on Amsterdam’s spin-off event from Pakhuis De Zwijger’s Indie Brands project
  • Vicki Hampton joins us to talk about the new Eating Amsterdam Tours.
  • A live interview with the organisers of the pre-work dance event, Morning Gloryville – launching this week.
  • David Cronenberg exhibition at the EYE film museum, a heads up.
  • NB This is the last So Dam Local of Season 1. Bloopers and highlights will play on Salto 1 over the summer but we’ll be back on air for Season 2 in September. Contact us if you’d like to be involved.

Watch on Salto 1 (UPC channel 32) or online at Salto.


Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 14.11.47

On tonight’s show:


  • Nicola checks out 4 micro breweries in Amsterdam
  • We help to raise awareness of a much misunderstood disease
  • The film this week is ‘The Rover’ starring Guy Pearce
  • and we will give you a taster of what is going on in Amsterdam over the summer


Tune in tonight at 6 o’clock on Salto 1, UPC channel 32

Preview: Tonight’s So Dam Local

AK thumb sugar snap

Join So Dam Local at 18:00 tonight for:

  • Amsterdam Kitchen catches up with local farmer Andre: Nic learns the Dutch word for sugar snap peas.
  • The new Basis: a live interview with the guys behind the Basis bar, catching up on the new location and future events.
  • Tripoteca Psychedelic Film & Arts Festival: coming to Amsterdam this week, see an explanation from the curator.
  • Film chat: Night Moves – an environmental thriller, out in the Dutch cinemas from Thursday.

Watch on Salto 1 (UPC channel 32) or online at Salto.

What’s Up Amsterdam May 26, 2014

This week Arnaud Wiehe from Dutchified Vlog stops by and
Emil Struijker Boudier tries to redeem himself. The boys talk dos and don’ts about drinking on a terrace and all sorts of fun stuff.

Monday 26th


I would rather drive go karts than 97% of all other activities in the world, combined. I made a list, I weighed my options and it’s true. Indoor go karting is is the top 3% of all possible things that a sentient being can do.

RACE PLANET INDOOR GO-KARTS  | Mon- Fri 1:00pm to 11pm Sat and Sun noon to 11:00pm

Tuesday 27th


MAN OR ASTROMAN? at MELKWEG |7:30pm | €15



Robeco Summernights at Concertgebouw

Bobby McFerrin | 8:00pm

Wednesday 28th


From Wednesday until Sunday at the Westergasfabriek there will be a great variety of mobile kitchens. From the simple classic pizza to serious BBQ wheels. Entry is free. Food is money.


Sexy lead singer, bass player and drummer if you’re into the ladies….and a sexy guitar player if you lean toward the gents.


Thursday 29nd

Robeco Summernights: Concertgebouw Tori Amos

Cinema Remake – art & film

Eye has an exhibition on remakes: Cinema remake – art & film. They are taking a look at movies that have been remade and have (again) become hits.

Nate’s problems with Godzilla

1) Does Godzilla love humans or hate other monsters?

2) Either way you have to admire the tenacity of the soldiers willing to fire thousands of rounds into something that can’t be injured by bullets.

3) Even after the monsters have been fighting in San Francisco for some time and the Golden Gate bridge has been destroyed there is an office full of office people doing office work, that are SURPRISED by the MONSTERS fighting just outside their window

4) I like that part where the soldiers whisper, like the Praying mantis monster is listening.

5) Hey helicopter pilots, maybe fly a little bit out of the reach of the monster, like a dog on a chain.



***We have two tickets to give away to this show so if you like what you hear, shoot us an email at***

Jake Orvis of the .357 String Band and the Goddamn Gallows is part of the Farmageddon family, a label that puts out what you might call neo- roots music. It’s hillbilly, mixed with with cityboy mixed with Gypsies, cigarettes and whisky. You can’t live the life, cause it’ll kill you, but you can come dance to the music.


Friday 30th


Celebrating street art in one of Amsterdam’s quirkier establishments.

URBAN ARTS FESTIVAL at OT301 | Overtoom 301 | 30 May – 1 June

Saturday 31th


Electronic/funk music festival to kick off the Amsterdam festival season. With various other fun projects.

Enjoy the video, drink every time the host blinks.


The International Amsterdam Tattoo Convention is back like clockwork at the RAI tattoo artists, techniques and designs for those who love to artify and weirdify their bodies!

There will even be tattoo competitions judging the best designs in lettering/text and tribal tattoos, old-school tattoos, oriental tattoos, sleeves and back-pieces and black/grey tattoos!

There’s also bands, piercing stands, a body-art display, street-art exhibits and of course plenty of food stuffs and drinks! And for the kids there….well…nothing. Just kidding! There’s a sword swallower.

INTERNATIONAL TATTOO CONVENTION 2014 | Amsterdam RAI, Europaplein 22 | 30 May – 01 June, Fri 2pm-11pm; Sat 11am-10pm; Sun 11am-8pm | €: 10 (Fri); €18 (Sat & Sun)

Sunday 1st


Jan Klassen loves his family but lacks the communication skills to express his frustration with the modern world, so he beats his wife relentlessly

In Dutch, Punch and Judy are called Jan Klaasen. And now you can see a good old fashioned puppet show like they’ve been doing for 100’s of years, for free, right in the middle of Dam Square. It’s in Dutch, but your kids will laugh as Jan gets whacked in the head 50 times anyway.

PUNCH AND JUDY ON DAM SQUARE (JAN KLAASEN) |DAM SQUARE | Every hour from 1PM to 4PM – Every Sunday UNTIL October | € FREE


Improv comics make fun of movies while you make suggestions and laugh.


Preview: So Dam Local, 13 May

Join So Dam Local at 18:00 tonight for:

  • Taste of Amsterdam: live interview with the organiser and Nic’s fave, the ‘Oysterman’ Marcus from Zilt & Zalig.
  • Luisterfink Educational Garden (part 2), a film feature on the volunteer gardening opportunities in Amsterdam.
  • ViviDarkness: a live interview with local artist Julia Filament about her ViviDarkness exhibition launch this weekend.
  • OpenCo: a heads up on this Thursday’s chance to peek inside the city’s most innovative startups.
  • Film chat: The Weight of Elephants – a Kiwi indie movie out in the Dutch cinemas from Thursday.

Watch on Salto 1 (UPC channel 32) or online at Salto.