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Dear Mr Mayor …

Somaye Dehban shares the story of what Amsterdam’s late Mayor, Eberhard van der Laan meant to her family. Her son was stateless, unable to have a nationality, until they “all became Dutch” at a ceremony the Mayor presided over.


To read the letter in full, see Somaye Dehban’s post on LinkedIn.


Too dirty for TV?

We have a weekly 19:00 spot on Amsterdam TV but we thought even Amsterdammers might not appreciate Aidan’s naughty humour so early in the evening. So we kept it exclusively for YouTube. And Aidan doesn’t just tell dirty jokes, he can be offensive about a whole range of things …

NB We are very sorry that it’s taken so long for us to edit this series.

NB We also know the sound isn’t great in this video. Just grin and bear it.

BTW If you can’t possible spare over half an hour, here’s a short 7m edit:

For the next  edition of Nutty Anita’s see:

The making of ‘Faces on the Ferry’

We interviewed local illustrator, Rachelle Meyer, about her sketchbook project ‘Faces on the Ferry’. She told us why she started sketching the people she saw every day on her ferry commute from Amsterdam Noord to her studio in the city centre.

Short interview (4:53)

“I can just kind of stand here and … intimately doodle on the ferry.”

(Broadcast on Salto 1 TV in ‘Salto Shorts’.)

Extended interview (13:45):

“Starting Therewise Enterprises was … a way of encouraging us to make personal projects important again.”

(Broadcast on Salto TV as part of our ‘Amsterdam Startup Stories‘ series.)

Faces on the Ferry by Rachelle Meyer:

A hammam with history

A hammam with history! Our SO DAM LOCAL filmmakers captured the old-time vibe of the Hammam Amsterdam beautifully and the owner tells us their story. #gezelligheid

Filmmakers: Aimilia Mouzaki & Bondo,

Cata.Pirata interview


Jens Rabiega interviews Cata.Pirata of Amsterdam-based band, Skip&Die (

This feature was also broadcast on Amsterdam’s Salto 2 TV channel during Spring 2017 as part of SO DAM LOCAL tv show’s Spring episode, produced by Broadcast Amsterdam

© Broadcast Amsterdam 2017

🎁 On the 12th day of Christmas ▶︎ A Staatsliedenbuurt story

On the 12th day of Christmas, Broadcast Amsterdam gives to you … a streetfood story in Staatsliedenbuurt ▶︎

Our community of filmmakers visit one of the new Amsterdam streetfood kiosks in the Staatsliedenbuurt and meet Steff Veldkamp who was raised in the area and now runs Vleesch Noch Visch.

David Djindjikhachvili & Aimilia Mouzaki

This feature was first broadcast on Amsterdam’s Salto 2 TV channel before our SO DAM LOCAL tv show and is now released online as part of our 12 Days of Christmas celebration.

© Broadcast Amsterdam 2016

🎁 On the 11th day of Christmas ▶︎ An Amsterdam rabbit outtake

On the 11th day of Christmas, Broadcast Amsterdam gives to you … an outtake clip about a special rabbit, an Amsterdam rabbit ▶︎

An outtake from our visit to the The Open Draw, at Cinetol on one of their Monday night drawing sessions.

See also our full feature interview on The Open Draw:


This outtake has been released online as part of our 12 Days of Christmas celebration.

© Broadcast Amsterdam 2016